Here’s a compiled list of questions that have been asked or that could interest you. Please let me know if you have any other question about the Q.Club. ^^

  • Patreon related questions
  • Subscriptions
  • Policies and Rules

Patreon related

Why did you change your Patreon?

Because of the subjects I draw, I have clashed with Patreon guide-lines and received an email, asking me to remove certain content. I’m understanding of this issue, so I edited my profile on Patreon accordingly and relaunched the Q.Club to give the necessary room to fetish art.

Following issues have been addressed by Patreon:

  • Sexual violence
  • Non-consensual sex
  • Non-consensual vore
  • Nudity, nipples and sexual explicit images in public posts, tier images and other pictures open to the public

While I understand the problem, I again want to emphasize that my art caters to fetishes and fantasies, and should in no way be taken too seriously. Consent and safe-words all the way, baby!

What are the differences between your Patreon page and the Q.Club?

There are some, but they’re mostly in favor of the Q.Club.

Besides not having to censor my artwork, there are also many other advantages of a self-hosted subscription site: flash-games can be directly integrated into the page, videos do not need to be embedded from a third-party host and my art doesn’t offend anyone stumbling upon my profile by chance.

The Q.Club also offers a much better structure to browse my art, read the comics and watch videos without having to go through buttloads of posts.

Subscribing to Q.Club is just as easy and safe as with Patreon, allowing you to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Since you aren’t dealing with a big online-platform, the page is better tailored to suit the content and if you come across a problem, I can personally deal with it and will not have to wait on any third-party support-team.

Q.Club does not have a member-counter and it can’t emulate the “goals” yet, although there will be something similar in the future.

Tiers are called subscriptions, but are basically exactly the same as on Patreon. I will add more subscription-plans in time.

Will you continue with Quazar. on Patreon?

Yes and no. During Pentecost (June 2019)  I will edit the content on Patreon following the guide-lines. At the same time I am going to upload all art that is on Patreon onto the new page and continue to post regularly on Q.Club.

On the 1st of July 2019 I will discontinue all current tiers on my Patreon account, putting the account into hiatus until I’ve decided how to proceed with it. My Patreon page is going to be toned down massively to meet their guide-lines, so I don’t really see a point in continuing with my current content. I will however change the subject matter to something more PG in time. Have you got any suggestions? Let me know.

Are you angry?

No, and I really hope you’re not, too. I actually understand the issues and am thankful for the graceful way the Patreon team pointed those problems out to me  (opposed to straight up banning my ass). Being treated in a respectful way is rare when working in this smutty business.

I don’t have / want to use Paypal, are there other options?

I am currently looking into Stripe and other methods of payment, but it will take some time. Please be patient or contact me by email to find a solution, until I have a satisfying setup.

How do I change from Patreon to the Q.Club?

I am offering a coupon to all my Patrons for a free first month, so you can discontinue your Patreon subscription whenever it fits you best. Please be aware that I will not continue to update my Patreon account, so be sure to switch as soon as possible.

Hope to see you in the Q.Club!



How do subscriptions work?

For now they’re more or less the same as on Patreon. You can securely subscribe to the same plan as you did before, by using Paypal (more options are in the works). Please be aware that the subscription-fee is recurring, and will only stop once you’ve canceled them. You can do this by simply clicking the “cancel” link on your account page in the “subscriptions” tab.

If you have any problems doing so, please let me know.

I’ve subscribed, but I didn’t receive any confirmation email / it’s not showing up in my “Transaction” tab

While the payment procedure works really fast and gives you access to content right off the bat, there is some delay in delivering the confirmation emails and updating the info in the “Transaction” section of your account. It can take several hours for the notifications to arrive. Please be patient and check your trash and spam folders. If payment went through but you haven’t received any confirmation email, or your account didn’t update after 24 hours, please let me know.

Can I get a refund?

It depends on your subscription plan. I won’t do refunds on the “Comics and Coffee” subscription plan, for obvious reasons (I’ve already invested it into coffee).

However I will refund you in the case of commissioning tiers, if you subscribed by accident, forgot to cancel the recurring payment on time or changed your mind shorty after subscribing. Please be aware that I cannot refund any money if I worked past the first approval run (drafts and sketches).

Note: Paypals taxes and fees will be deducted from refunds.


Policies and rules

What informations does the page collect and how will that information be handled?

Your info will be stored for as long as you are a subscriber and consists of a username, first- and last name (alter-egos optional) and an email address. The system will also communicate with Paypal to make sure everything is in order with your payments. If you comment, those infos will be kept indefinitely. Also, the Q.Club uses cookies to improve your visits (so you don’t have to confirm you’re +18 every time you visit, or you can stay logged in). You can read more on this topic here.

So since the Q.Club is a private platform, are there any rules at all? [insert Fightclub reference here]

Of course. My commissioning rules apply to Q.Club also. I will only depict adult versions of commissioned characters.

But Q.Club is definitely more lax on fetish imagery. If you are not familiar or comfortable with vore, breath- and edge-play, furry porn or BDSM then please refrain from entering this site.

For some reason I’m acting like a total asshole, bothering other members or just being a dick overall. Are you going to do something about it?

Yes. All I’m asking is for you to treat me and the other members nicely. Please, be considerate and polite when commenting or replying. I mean, I know how it is. Everybody has a shitty day once in a while. But if a user constantly acts out of place, he or she will be banned.