Upcoming features, schedules and plans

Q.Club is live and ready ^^ I’m so excited! Here’s hoping that there’s not too many bugs (and if you find one, please be sure to let me know).

There’s still some stuff to do and I’ll be adding features that I’ll introduce in the next few weeks:


I figured out a way to emulate the “goals” from Patreon, but it will work with the amount of members rather than a financial figure (due to technical difficulties).

As I did hit one goal during the time on Patreon, I will comply with the rules, create and submit that “Thank you” illustration 🙂

Optimize search function

Currently the search function is a pain in the ass. There will definitely be some changes to it, so you can comfortably look for the art that interests you.

Please excuse the dust

Currently everything should be working fine, but there are some elements that seriously need a redesign. You may notice that the menu will slightly change, or that your account page looks differently. That will be me, optimizing the hell out of the Q.Club and keeping it neat and tidy ^^


My main page will be also going through some changes soon, to adapt the layout to the new look of the Q.Club and to implement some things I learned while working on this platform.

The news section posted on Q.Club concerns mostly the site itself. If you want to stay up to date on what’s going on, I will continue to use the main page as a blog. You can also get any information on commissions and the waiting list.


You can use the Suggestion Box to let me know what you’d like to see in the future. If you leave a comment on the site it can give other members the opportunity to reply and add suggestions!



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